Jenny Wood and Super Car Guys team up to send anti-bullying message to Kansas kids

Jedd Beaudoin

Jenny Wood writes songs that can both tear your heart out and inspire. The listening experience is sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes confrontational, but in the end that’s what great art does: Transport us to places that force us to take a look at ourselves and the world around us. Ultimately, we are better for having taken the ride. In those other moments, the times of pure uplift, Wood reminds us that there is still light in the world. No matter what, her songs consistently provide us with reasons to embrace life no matter how difficult the circumstances.


Jenny Wood is a mighty songstress. While exercising a wide range of musical styles across multiple projects, she’s been writing and recording original music for her upcoming album and first time collaboration with Katy Guillen and The Girls.

Steadfast and charismatic.
Jenny’s vantage is voice.

The Midwest Digest

Jenny hung out with us to tell us all about the time she was a wonderful musician, which is always. She played us a few songs, and told us some of her ‘homemade’ jokes. We all had a great time talking with her, and hope you enjoy listening.

KMUW interview

My dad was a great whistler. I would do anything to make my dad think that I was cool. I was probably 7, 8, or 9, and he started making me whistle for all our family members. I remember them laughing and him being, like, ‘Well, I’ll be damned! Can you believe that?’ I remember thinking, ‘Wow! Dad thinks I’m cool!’ So I just started doing that a lot and people love it.


With the voice of a siren, self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter Jenny Wood has captivated audiences throughout the country redefining alternative pop-folk with her haunting lyrics, alternate tunings and desperate, alarming melodies.

With a background in theater and vocal performance at Wichita State University, Jenny learned to perform while studying composition and songwriting to able to tote her one-woman show cross-country and earn notoriety as being a truly genuine artist. She lived in southern California and Nashville for much of her early twenties writing, performing and touring with all genres to earn her indie artist title. Jenny recently created her own anti-bullying music program that evolved from her music video, “Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head” and now tours local schools with her music concert that encourages kids to take the negative and make it creative.

Her first full length release, “Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head” (2015) is available on all digital distribution sites and her new EP, “Truth Has Legs” will be released late summer. Jenny continues to play her with her original rock band that harkens 90’s grunge and ripping vocals as well as shoegaze project Team Tremolo and various funk/R&B groups. Jenny’s loyal fanbase ranges from mature audiences who care deeply for her commitment to honest lyrics and self-truth, and youth inspired by her will to share one’s gift to better connect and contribute to the world.

Jenny Wood & The Femmeline (Katy Guillen, Claire Adams and Stephanie Williams) recorded their album,
“Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head” released in 2016.