Jenny Wood and Super Car Guys team up to send anti-bullying message to Kansas kids


Jenny Wood is a mighty songstress. While exercising a wide range of musical styles across multiple projects, she’s been writing and recording original music for her upcoming album and first time collaboration with Katy Guillen and The Girls.

Steadfast and charismatic.
Jenny’s vantage is voice.

The Midwest Digest

Jenny hung out with us to tell us all about the time she was a wonderful musician, which is always. She played us a few songs, and told us some of her ‘homemade’ jokes. We all had a great time talking with her, and hope you enjoy listening.

KMUW interview

My dad was a great whistler. I would do anything to make my dad think that I was cool. I was probably 7, 8, or 9, and he started making me whistle for all our family members. I remember them laughing and him being, like, ‘Well, I’ll be damned! Can you believe that?’ I remember thinking, ‘Wow! Dad thinks I’m cool!’ So I just started doing that a lot and people love it.


Having been referred to as the ‘crying violin’ of vocalists, electric guitarist/rock singer Jenny Wood has spent the last ten years fine tuning audience manipulation with her voice. Jenny studied theater and music performance at Wichita State University but had a passion for performing and touring with rock bands. Years of learning the splintered ropes of bandmanship/touring with her own band across the US, as well as a handful of dark-indie, alt-rock bands and a pop-rock band that toured the UK/Canada, Jenny has taken her wealth of experience and curated a truth-hungry and anthematic sound that quietly sits on your shoulder and only screams in your weakest hours. And those screams are catchy as hell.

Jenny is getting ready to release her full-length album with Kansas City’s extremely reputable rock queens, Katy Guillen and The Girls. With absolutely no songs on love or heartbreak, her anthem-heavy album softly shines a brutal mirror that you can’t help but fall into and grow from. Her hooks sting at first, but then you don’t want to be the baby you were before she pierced you.


Their collaborative effort will be called, ‘Jenny Wood and The Femmeline’ and their album entitled, “Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head’ features the album’s namesake single in which Jenny encorporated her entire hometown of Wichita, KS to help produce a music video for bully awareness which will be broadcast as a national PSA.

Jenny Wood & The Femmeline (Katy Guillen, Claire Adams and Stephanie Williams) recording their upcoming albumn,
“Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head” to be released soon.